Coloring Paterson’s History

In 2021, the Paterson Museum received grant funding administered by the Passaic County Cultural & Heritage Council from funds granted by New Jersey State Council on the Arts, to update the Museum’s “Story of Paterson” coloring book.

The coloring book has a long history in the museum. First created in 1981, it was edited twice before. However, our team decided that the book needed a more holistic revision. We added and removed pages, as well as revisited themes from new perspectives. Many of our changes aimed to developing content that directly reflected the diverse community that is Paterson. To that end, one goal of the project was also to include a number of artists with diverse artistic styles. Another goal of the project was to have the coloring book available in Spanish, Arabic and Bengali, as well as English.

With great pleasure, we present the fourth edition of “Story of Paterson” coloring book:

This project would not have been possible without the help of our contributing artists and translators.

Kimberly Rose Batti
Maria Angelica Sanchez Capurro
Tekoa M. Criddell
Kathryn Doyle
Michael L. Du Bose Jr.
Diane Dunne & Edward Dong
Desiree Feliciano
Alexis Fertig
Alex Flannery
Sheila Fraga
Glenn Hutton
Jacqueline Lovelace
Terence McKenna
Christian A. Mejia
Andrea Mistretta
Christopher Fabor Muhammad
Gina Stritch
Vance L. Viggiano
Malik Whitaker

Ms. Guzide Kobati (Arabic)
Tanjila Khan & Tania Chowdhury (Bengali)
Cristina Deutsch (Spanish)