Temporary Art Exhibitions at the Paterson Museum

The Paterson Museum welcomes artists and members of the community to exhibit in our museum. 


Both group submissions and individual artists are welcome. The first step in collaborating with us is to submit a Preliminary Art Exhibition Proposal. 


All submissions should reflect the Paterson Museum’s mission by having a connection to the cultural, technological or geological history of the city.


All art submissions will only be accepted on loan using the museum’s standard loan agreement. No alterations or changes will be allowed.


Please note that artists may suggest exhibit dates as a part of their preliminary proposal, however, the Museum reserves the right to select the dates of all exhibitions. Please be aware that the Museum usually plans exhibitions six months to a year in advance. 


Submission Process

Submission is a two set process.

Step 1: Complete and return the Preliminary Art Exhibition Proposal 


Once the Museum staff have reviewed your preliminary proposal, you will be given comments invited to proceed by submitting at Detailed Proposal


Step 2: Complete and return the Detailed Proposal


Once the Detailed Proposal is approved, dates for the exhibition can be selected.


Step 3: Meet with the Curator to create a concept for the exhibition layout, finalize a list of works to be included and draft all text for the exhibit (including but not limited to exhibit labels, artists’ statements, and introduction panels).


(All text will then be presented to the Director for approval before the museum proceeds with production and installation.)


Step 3 is when the delivery of the artwork will be planned. All flat works must be delivered to the museum ready for the museum staff to hang, framed with hooks and wire. Artists bringing freestanding works should be prepared to provide easels or platforms for sculptures.


Important things to consider before submitting a proposal:

The Museum is always looking to enhance the visitor experience for its patrons. Therefore, exhibitors are strongly encouraged to include a programming component in their overall proposal


When selecting a title, remember that it should clearly communicate the theme of your exhibit, but also attract viewers’ attention. 


For those proposals being submitted by a group, one individual must be identified to represent the group and act as spokesperson for the group who will act as liaison to the Museum staff


Please note that no items on loan to the museum will be insured by the museum and exhibitor seeking insurance coverage for their work(s) must self-insure


The museum will cover the cost of printing exhibition labels etc., and will manage the primary publicity of the exhibit with press releases, social media posts and fliers as they see necessary


The museum will not cover the cost of refreshments for a reception or related event, nor will the museum cover shipping or transportation fees related to any works to be included in the show