Word Seed Inc.

Founded in 2019, Word Seed Inc. hopes to give voice and support to writers throughout the Paterson community, regardless of ages and skill level. They pursue this goal through a variety of initiatives including Little Free Libraries in the Parks, the Paterson Poetry Festival and writing workshops for all ages.

The Paterson Museum began collaborating with Word Seed Inc. in 2021, when we hosted a series of Your Voice Matters poetry workshops at the Museum. In the same year, a Free Little Library was installed on the museum grounds. Since that first workshop, the partnership between our two organizations has grown and expanded. The Museum now hosts regular open mic events in the Hannah Gallery. The Museum served as a collaborating partner on the 5th Annual Paterson Poetry Festival in October 2022. Our two organizations are also working together to develop a Paterson Poetry exhibit, scheduled for 2023.

Visit Word Seed’s website at https://www.wordseedinc.org/ to learn about their other initiatives.